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As a child I was always making stuff… In my down time I could be found painting on discarded cardboard boxes, gluing buttons and baubles to pieces of wood, sewing questionable fashion pieces for my dolls, illustrating my many short stories with crayon drawings, or taking photos with my handy instamatic camera.  A friend, years later as an adult told me how strange it was visiting with me, as I always had an art project ready for us to enjoy…I was actually surprised, I thought everyone was like that.

I haven’t changed much.  In my down time nowadays I am still making clothes, writing, baking, growing flowers, gluing all sorts of shiny bits to pieces, and taking pictures.

As much as I love creating, I find equal if not greater pleasure in viewing and engaging with others’ art.  The art making process is often subjective and personal at its root yet good art takes on a life of its own:  it makes one think, it understands and appreciates itself, it feels (happiness, anger, pain, beauty. . . ), it pushes its own boundaries, and it taps into the infinity of crazy, multitudinous things that make us human.

Whatever your pollinating seed may be I’d love to share your work in a curated selection with my larger network of creatives and art appreciators. Videos, mixed media, photos, graffiti, whatever makes you tick (wild child, am I right?) because in its best incarnations art is as close to life as it is to living…and who doesn’t love feeling like they are truly alive!

I’ve lived around the world, always striving to cultivate what’s true to my heart:  art for arts’ sake.

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Nature’s ephemerality and beauty captured and then lost to the moment. . .

A window into the domestic and the urban, where the private and the public intersect. . .

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