Reading Room

One of the first stories I wrote as a child was about a woman who busted every pair of shoes she tried in the store because her feet were so big, only to find out someone (I’m not exactly sure who would mastermind such a prank) had painted the shoes to look like they were full of holes. . . horrors!  Though perhaps not my most remarkable work (I was only five : ) I think my reasons for writing emerged at an early age:  always trying to make sense of the world around me and as necessary adding a generous dash of humour. (My feet are on the rather large size but hey I’m also tall so big feet are needed to keep me standing!).

Writing is my first love and over the years I’ve had my work published across a variety of platforms.  I’ve written 2 novels both playful explorations of mystery, magic, myth, and madness (more to come soon!), and I continue to return to writing as a place to explore, invent, record, and remember. 

I hope you will enjoy some of my Musings mostly informed by my relationship with the arts and culture and my travels as well as a selection of my published art essays underArt Write Read.  There’s so much more I could write about writing but I hope my writing will stand on its own in sketching a fuller picture of who I am and my varied interests.

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